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951 open air gallery-Louisville, Colorado

About 951 Gallery

A community art gallery that is outside, covid safe and free for all to enjoy in Louisville, Colorado. The gallery walls are not walls, but the windows of the Louisville Public Library from Spruce Street to the Plaza.

951 Gallery aims to amplify arts and culture and are suggesting artists to submit art that represents cultural diversity. We prioritize equality and representation among featured artists, across sectors of gender, identity, race, sexual preference and socioeconomic status. 

About d.a.m. Cool art & Graphics

Me (Daryl McCool):
Farm girl, suburban mom, graphic designer, emerging artist‑are a few words that can be used to describe bits of who I was, am and are becoming. Working hard and connecting with community resonates with me deeply.
In addition, Daryl is life long creative who loves to work with community and innovative projects. She has worked closely with her son’s elementary school to create an outdoor classroom and co-founded Positive Playground Initiative. She has spent years in civic engagement, helping to guide the design of local parks and playgrounds and served as Chair of Superior’s Cultural Arts and Public Spaces Committee a new initiative to bring art to the Town of Superior
951 open air gallery-Louisville, Colorado

Currently the 951 Open Air Gallery is not accepting submissions.

Artist and Community Connector: Daryl McCool
Photo by Susan Cirella at Horseshoe Craft & Flea Market